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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  October 19, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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member of his family for making outrageous comments. >> wait until you hear what his son said. good morning. i'm deiah riley. we will have the stories in a moment. i'm dan shaffer. >> welcome to a wednesday. traffic and weather. janelle is in the traffic center. backup in pasco county southbound i-75 before you get to state road 54. this is the backup. our photographer jason is giving us the pictures from the live drive camera. we but one lane and we have a stalled car reported in this backup blocking a lane also. so, a mess right there heading into pasco county. drive times, it's taking 42 minutes just to get from 52 to i-4. 51 minutes to the apex. once you get to the apex, the junction with 75 and 275, it will take you 10 minutes to get to i-4. >> thanks a lot.
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60s and 70s right now. 75 st. pete and 71 tampa. clearwater low 70s as well. comfortable. i don't think we will talk about rain today. a dry day. warm. humid by the afternoon. 82 by lunchtime then we jump back into the 80s. below average with the cold front moving in this weekend. more on that in the next forecast. >> thanks, ivan. major concerns being raised over the facial system used by the pinellas county sheriff's office and agencies around the state. a lack of transparency could lead to abuses. rodney dunigan is live at the pinellas county sheriff's office this morning. the sheriff is fighting back against the claims? >> reporter: well, that's right, dan. he is set to address the concerns over the program a bit later this morning. the sheriff maintains that most of the information is already
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driver's license and the pictures that you post on facebook that pretty much everyone can see. according to the new report on the center for privacy and technology. the pinellas could you be sheriff's office has broad guidelines outlining the use of software that raises privacy concerns and could possibly lead to misuse. the pinellas county system is used for 8,000 monthly searches without audits. they touted the effectiveness criminals off the street. >> surveillance image can be a bank robber photo, retail image, any type of face image. if you are looking for the needle in a haystack, face recognition can help you find it. >> and the sheriff's office launched the facial recognition system in 2001 with federal grant money. it's one of the longest running programs in the country. the system is also used
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pete and tampa just to name a few. the sheriff is expected to speak on that later on this morning. we will be there and bring you the latest developments on the story. reporting live outside the pinellas county sheriff's office, rodney dunigan, abc action news. a father is facing serious felony charges after deputies say i left his two small children inside a hot car. kevin stein was arrested after pinellas deputies say he left his young children in the for 27 minutes. according to walmart surveillance cameras, they were in the car for that long. a good samaritan snapped a picture of the girls and called 911 for help. he said the girls were 6 and 5 years old. they were crawling through the open sun roof to escape the heat. >> they were sweaty and they had no shoes on. that is fine. they are in the car. i don't think there was proper parenting going on with that. >> he is facing two felony counts of child neglect.
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a cell phone records a road rage attack in south florida. two men arguing. investigators say paul peterman was so upset, jumps out of his vehicle and tries to attack joshua tillis in his car. tillis drives off. peterman was found unconscious in the street near his truck. investigators aren't saying how he died. peterman's family said he was not now to democracy 2016, the latest poll shows hillary clinton with a 5 point lead over donald trump. >> according to the statistics site, clinton has a better chance of winning texas, utah and missouri than trump has of winning the white house. florida has a good chance of deciding the election. right now clinton has roughly 4
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four millennials would prefer to see a meteor strike earth than hillary clinton or donald trump winning the white house. the mother of an american who died during the benghazi attack will be in the audience during the third presidential debate. she was invited by donald trump. pat smith's son shawn was killed in 2012. she gave an emotional speech at the republican national convention where she blamed hillary clinton she will react when clinton takes the stage. >> i want her to talk to me. i want her to tell me what happened? why is my son dead? >> this appearance is another push from republicans trying to make benghazi a central issue in the campaign. hillary clinton is using some of her debate invitations to make a political point.
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donald trump on twitter. clinton invited another well known billionaire to attend the debate, meg wittman, ceo of hewlett-packard. she is a long time republican but endorsed clinton for president earlier this year. the most important supporter may be president obama who mocked trump's claims of vote rigging again. >> whenever things are going badly for you and you lose and you blame somebody else, you in this job. so, i would advice mr. trump to stop whining and go try to make his case to get votes. >> clinton is off the campaign trail preparing for the debate tonight. aides say she is getting ready to address the hacked wiki leaked e-mails. one shows john podesto apparently sorting potential running mates into food groups
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leaders and included bill and molina gates and howard schultz. bernie sanders was in his own group alone at the bottom of the list. the debate starts tonight at 9:00. join in tomorrow morning. we will fact check hillary clinton and donald trump to make sure that the statements are true. the debate is tonight at 9:00. trump claims that the sexual assault claims against him are lies. a new story in a people writer's claim that trump assaulted her at his west palm beach estate. one woman that saw her right after the alleged incident said she told her what happened. she was shaken up and asked what she should do. another witness says she was present during a conversation between melania trump and the writer that melania denies happens. >> donald trump's son is under fire for come minutes that he
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cnn went through radio interviews. he mocked arabic names, children and beauty pageants. in january of 2012, during an appearance on the opie and andy show he moaned about not being able to make fun of obese people. he later said this about sexual harassment in the workplace. >> if you can't handle some of the basic stuff that is a problem in the workplace, you don't belong in the workforce. >> yeah. >> you should go, maybe kindergarten. >> trump's other adult son eric called his father an alpha male trying to explain his lewd comments. remember there were naked donald trump statues. now there is a hillary clinton statue. it was removed. the father of one of the men diving in an underwater
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wachee said his son talked to him in detail about diving. they were experienced divers but never surfaced after a dive on sunday. rescue workers found their body monday. the he talked to his son days before. >> he talked friday. he dived the cave. he felt good about it. they were going to redive it saturday. something happened. i don't believe that at any me at risk until probably the very end. >> since 1981, there have been eight deaths at that cave. the most recent is the drowning of a father and son in 2013. because of safety concerns the cave has been closed to divers in the past. some say it should be closed permanently. more is coming up on "good morning america." peta is suing a zoo in pasco county. they claim dade city wild
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they separate cubs from the mothers way too soon and allows people to pick them up within days of their birth and swim with humans in chlorinated water. they filed a complaint last year. temps are in the 60s. a few 70s out there. we will be dry today. on the warmer side. titan doppler radar not picking afternoon, temps around 87. the big cool down for the weekend. more on that in a few minutes. also still to come, the battle for florida ends in thrilling fashion. the unexpected and expected
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a mother is questioning hawaiian airlines policies after her disabled son was charged a fee for an airport escort. they told the mom it would be $100 to have an employee meet her son at the gate. the fema be against the law.
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do is be in compliance with the federal law. my son should have the same right as anybody else. >> the law states carriers must provide assistance to those with disabilities including getting on and off the plane. the law doesn't mention a fee. hawaiian airlines escorts passengers with disabilities from the curb to the gate and vice versa free of charge. an update on the squatter accused of forcing a 90-year- old woman out of her san home. >> the squatter, cheryl sirel is charged. she refused to leave the house when she got fired. she has been out of her house since february but still had to pay the bills because of a quirk in california law. this week the daughter took back control of the house from the squatter only to 2350eu7bd
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can't see it. >> she would be sick to her stomach. >> and she would say we have to fight and change the law so this doesn't happen to someone else. >> police issued a warrant for her arrest several days ago. she couldn't find her until she called authorities to complain because reportser -- reporters were trying to interview her. big changes to the weather for this weekend especially. still wa friday night. that is the big story. it will usher in the coolest temperatures of the season at night and during the day. low to mid-70s right now. widespread 60s by the way across the nature coast and down across the interior counties, along the water milder. water temp at the gulf 80 degrees. that will keep you milder through the weekend as well. but it will still be rather cool. east wind for now.
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knock out rain chances. i don't think we will rain today or tomorrow. similar set up once again with high temps in the 0s. the front swings through -- high temps in the 80s. the front swings through friday. saturday morning will be cool. saturday afternoon will be great and then sunday morning as the cool air establishes itself, there you go. overnight temperatures wake up on sunday morning very cool way down to the peninsula. you will have 40s across the panhandle and south georgia. 80s today. 87 at the airport. once again above average for this time of year. 84 is where we should be. almost the record of 89. we will do this again with mostly sunny skies. look at the seven-day forecast, more and more like fall. no rainfall. both saturday and sunday, nice
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milder but comfortable and dry early next week. good morning, everybody. an update on the crash we have been talking about on i-75 in pasco county. this is affecting the southbound lanes. the crash moved out of the way. you can see the residual backup. we have a stalled car that wound up in this backup. that is not helping matters at all. so, this is taking a pretty long time to get through this southbound pasco county on real easy way around this. wait it out. hopefully it will clear shortly or head to 301 or 41 depending where you are coming from and where you are going. elsewhere in crashes or break downs. the drive across the howard frankland less than 10 minutes to get across. >> thanks. plans are moving forward for the college football play- offs in tampa in three months. organizers are meeting this
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related events. the game itself will be played on monday, january 9th at raymond james stadium. a thrilling night on the ice for the tampa bay lightning last night. the bolts first paid contribute to a former captain. a sold out crowd welcomed vinny lecavalier back to tampa. he dropped the first puck with two of his three kids. florida had a 3-2 lead b w lightning tied it up. >> stamkos, eight seconds to go. they score. what a goal. >> stamkos with the goal. the game went to a shoot out where braden point showed off his skills lighten win it 4-3. bad news for bucs fans. vincent jackson's season is
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but will do whatever he can to support the team for the rest of the season. calling al charlie brown fans. the great pumpkin isn't just on tv screens this year. >> ahead, a giant peanut themed attract is in our area. >> a piece of hollywood history is falling apart.
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hour-by-hour forecast takes us through the 0s. by noon back in the 80s and we warm it up into the upper 80s with partly cloudy skies. no rain today. moderately humid and big change for the weekend as a cold front moves through. more on that in the next hour. a pregnant manatee named washburn is back in the to massachusetts. we told you a month ago crews rescued her. yesterday she was loaded on board a plane for a trip to sea world in orlando. her medical treatment will continue before she is released into the wild to give birth. the president hosted italy's prime minister for the final state dinner at the white house. he said italian influences are
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campaigns can seem like dante's inferno. >> michelle obama looked radiant in her versace dress. gwen stefani performed and she brought blake shelton. a piece of hollywood history is deteriorating. dorothy's ruby red slippers are falling apart. >> say it isn't so. >> an preserve those slippers that judy garland wore. smithsonian launched a 300,000 kick starter campaign to help preserve the shoes. the money will pay for work to conserve the shoes along with a new state of the art display case. the color has faded and the threats have started to snap. >> we want to stabilize them.
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that's what the conservation is. >> people that donate to the kick starter campaign can get rewards ranging from replica slippers to behind the scene tours. it may not feel like fall yet but that's not the case up north where the harvest is underway. >> in boston, the arrival of the pumpkin made the debut yesterday at the it is nicknamed gore do. -- gaurdo. >> there he is. there he is. the great pumpkin. he is rising up out of the pumpkin patch. >> poor linus. charlie brown is turning 50 years old. it debuted in 1966. watch the great pumpkin on your
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at 8:00. if you miss it, it airs again friday october 28th. to celebrate the 50th anniversary, more than 80 farms across the country are hosting custom designed peanut corn maces. this is in chino, california. harvest moon farm in may ser rick town has its peanuts maze. we heard of therapy dogs. what about a therapy duck. daniel the duck took flight to north carolina. passengers tweeted he was a big hit on the trip. his owner has ptsd. the doctor prescribed daniel as a therapy animal. if you have flown out of tampa, you notice the construction. >> i have. today the airport celebrates
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southwest planes depart. coming up at 6:00, four students wounded and gunman on the lose after a shooting outside of a school. police are giving a specific reason why they opened fire. >> another big night in
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a warning to watch out for this felon on the run. deputies say he is armed and dangerous. the violence that they say he is responsible for is coming up. plus, voter registration on the rise. we are digging into the trend to see which party may benefit. first breaking news that we are following from overnight. hillsborough county deputies say a man lit his home on fire. >> we got new information on this about a half hour ago. the mobile home on is heavily damaged. investigators say someone called 911 to report an unstable person in that area around 1:30 this morning. while deputies were checking that out, they got a call about the fire. they say the man set the home on fire from inside the house. one firefighter suffered minor injuries putting out the fire. nobody else was hurt. deputies arrested the man. they are filing charges. they have not released his name. let's get an update on traffic and weather together to get you out the door on this wednesday.


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